Bullet Proof is a business consultancy, specializing in brand engineering from both the internal systemic and marketing and communications perspectives.

It’s also a partnership between the principals, Jim Murray and Charlene Norman. Both are highly experienced management level business people who want to help businesses get better at what they do.

Good People To Know

Bullet Proof is the kind of advisory relationship that will help business owners and managers change their thinking to stay ahead of the changes that are waiting right around the next corner.

Our objectives, in a nutshell, are to help our clients, large or small, by showing them how to change their thinking in order to:
• More accurately identify and get closer to their customers,
• Simplify their operations for greater internal efficiencies and
• Be better employers and corporate citizens

All of these are simple, worthy goals that will help companies target their efforts more accurately, become more productive and profitable, and ensure both customer and employee loyalty.

Our principals are hands-on. Our services can be customized to suit any size business. And our supplier base is home-grown, which is purposely designed to work with the excellent resources available in the Niagara region

There Is No Substitute For Meeting Face To Face

Feel free to contact us at any time to arrange a no-obligation meeting, where we can find out more about each other and you can find out more about how we can help you make the changes you need to achieve the success you want.