Case Study: Peller Estates Brand Launch

Andres Wines:  Peller Estates Brand Launch

Jim’s Key Role: Strategist, Creative Director, Writer & Producer


√ A resounding success. At the end of its first year, Peller Estates was the #10 ranked white table brand with a 2.7 share.

√ Its 18% growth per year, relative to market growth of minus 3% is equally as impressive.

√ From the original commercials footage we cut a fourth spot for Cabernet Chardonnay and 3 new commercials for B.C.Proprietor’s Reserve brands


To launch a new line of Andrés table wines named Peller Estates. This was the first time the Peller family (owners of Andrés Wines) had ever put their name on a bottle of wine. They were taking this very personally. They were also hoping the launch of this brand would counter the perception that their size as a company was inversely proportional to the quality of their wines.


To focus on the winemaking aspect of the brand, personalizing it and giving a genuine personality to the winemaker himself.


3 television commercials, each concerning itself with an aspect of the winemaker’s pride of craft.

Commercials were based on the theme, “The proudest expression of the winemaker’s art”.

The theme was carried over into print and POP materials, including a “Connoisseur’s Guide”, which is given out in retail environments.