“Without A Solid Strategy You Ain’t Going Anywhere” (Jerry Goodis)

One of the key lessons many companies are learning about marketing in today’s world has to do with the simple fact that good communication always starts with a solid communications strategy.

And the first step in this process is understanding is that every product or service category will have an approach to their customers and as a result, there is no such thing as a canned marketing or communications strategy.

The Key Elements of A Good Communications Strategy

  1. It lays your specific marketing objectives.
  2. It identifies your primary and or secondary/tertiary target audiences and their characteristics/needs
  3. It examines your competitors and what they are, in our collective opinion, doing right and doing wrong
  4. It states a unique selling proposition (USP), which will position your product or service in a way that will satisfy the needs of your target audience.
  5. It delineates the features or qualities of your product or service that will strongly support your USP, thus making it believable and credible.
  6. It identifies the distinguishing elements of what is known as your brand character, which in turn will help fashion the right tone and manner for your communications.

Wow. That Feels Like A Lot Of Work

In point of fact, it is. However, once it is completed it, your communications strategy becomes an extremely useful tool in the following ways:

> It provides an objective standard by which to judge the potential of any creative development or communications you will need to support your marketing going forward.

> It can be a core element in structuring sales strategies and approaches, because the characteristics of your target audience are already known.

> It can be applied across the board in your marketing to create important synergies that can be very effective in helping you build strong branding for your business.

> The elements contained in a solid communications strategy can form the basis for a powerful mission statement that has very high internal value.

> Overall, the increased accuracy, and effectiveness that this strategy and its professional implementation will provide can show clients, prospects and competitors alike that you mean business. And in today’s highly competitive world that is an essential.

The Advantages Of Working With Bullet Proof On Your Strategy And A Whole Lot More

At Bullet Proof, the combination of skills and experience of our two principals can be a key solution set that can help dial-up both the internal strength and organization of your business and the external image that your company projects in the marketplace.

The net result will be a business that is firing on all cylinders, that runs more efficiently and effectively, that markets in a highly focused way and will achieve results commensurate with this effort.

The key difference between Bullet Proof and virtually any other business consultancy is the high level and sheer number of years of hands-on experience of Charlene Norman in the areas of analytics and operations management and Jim Murray as a top creative director and communicator.

Our approach is designed to generate positive change within the companies we work with and do it without a whole instantly forgettable biz-speak mumbo jumbo.

We talk English. We talk business. Pure and simple. We make things easy to understand and implement and we work with our clients to provide any course corrections required over time.

In short, we become part of your team and are there when you need us. With an effective internal program design and a well-thought-out communications strategy to guide us all.

Contact us and see how we can serve you!