The Essentials For Launching Or Refreshing Your Business

Developing or retooling ANY sized business is a lot of work. However, for small and medium-sized companies, even with the essential tools, the whole process can feel overwhelming.

And it can cost a fair bit of money too. But all too often in this process, some of the things that are actually the most important parts of getting your venture off to a good start are the things that are often kept on the back burner or skimped on.

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You.

A lot of small and medium-sized business owners, especially those without a great deal of previous experience or without any formal marketing training, operate under the assumption that their salesmanship and passion for their product or service is much more important than the image they project right out of the gate.

But the fact is that the businesses that succeed are the ones that have the salesmanship and passion plus a well thought out positioning plus the essential tools required to get their message out to the right people.

Invisible Scrutiny Is Everywhere.

If you have skimped on things like your positioning, your business cards, collateral materials and most importantly, your web site, you are doing your business a genuine disservice.

Because, as much as you wish it weren’t true, your word and the passion behind your pitch will only take you so far, and that distance seems to shrink more and more every year.

The majority of the belief development or due diligence that your prospect will through is stuff they do pretty much on their own. This includes reading your web site and shuffling it over to other  decision makers, along with your business card and any collateral material you choose to leave with them, checking your references, verifying your case studies and testimonials etc. 

A Worthwhile Investment

At the end of the day, you usually do get only one chance to make that favourable first impression.

And you want that impression to be one of a business that has its act together, that looks like it has genuinely arrived and one that makes its selling argument powerfully and without reservation.

Because, like it or not, this is how you are being judged by your prospects, and for the most part they are looking for reasons to not to do business with you.

Not because they are sadistic or mean spirited, but because it’s in their nature to always believe there’s ‘something better’ out there.  So be that ‘something better’ for them.  

The more good and relevant information you can have for them, and the more professional is looks, the better your chances of winning that business.

The investment isn’t going to be that huge, but the dividends it can pay will serve your company well for years to come.

The Essential Tools That Every Small To Medium Sized Business Should Have In Good Working Order

1.         A Well Thought-Out Communication Strategy that outlines your goals, your target audiences, your main benefit, your reasons to believe and your company’s character. This strategy is the key to developing any number of sales and marketing tools that you may need.

2.         A Well Designed Logo & Accurate Positioning: These are two of the most important of the basic elements, mainly because they will be seen most frequently, and therefore must be both easy to grasp and memorable.

3.         An Effective Business Card that tells your prospects exactly what you do, what you can do for them and how to get hold of you. One of the main reasons that businesses get ‘forgotten’ about is that their business card does not make it crystal clear what they do.

4.         A Smart Brochure that tells your company’s story in a straightforward compelling way. It’s also something that is much easier for your prospects to pass around either for opinions or decision making.

5.         A Dynamic Web Site that details all the selling features and benefits that your company offers, explains in some depth your company philosophy, puts faces to names, and houses your blog, testimonials and case studies, which is really how people form the majority of their impression of your business.

6.         A Well-Crafted Information Profile on your company that you can send the any trade publications that are read by your target audience, as well as for use in networking and social or business media that reaches people in your target audience.

7.         Targeted Emails & A Solid Database: For most businesses doing B to B marketing, these are key elements. The emails can be used, among many other things, to communicate special offers, announce new blog posts that may be of interest to your prospects and any company news you may wish to impart.

As you can see, doing the right thing for your business, even if it’s just the basics outlined here, can be a very time and energy consuming task, and not necessarily something you want to do on your own.

At Bullet Proof, we have the ability to literally hit the ground running for our clients and work with them to help them get organized, both internally and branding-wise, look totally professional and effectively reach the people they need to reach. We’d love to help you. Give us a call.