Change Your Thinking…What That Really Means

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An important part of our mantra and mission is embodied in the six-word phrase “Change Your Thinking For The Better”.

There are many different situations that involve the need for a change of thinking within a business or a company:

• The internal dysfunction that can occur from thinking the same way for too long.
• The (many) changes customers go about being customers, (eg. the way banking is done today versus ten, twenty or even thirty years ago is truly remarkable.)
• A desire to expand into other product or service areas which can ultimately make you a different kind of business.
• Effectively managing the runaway growth or the collapsing of long-term accounts
•  The back against the wall necessity of getting your company in line with new technologies.
• Dealing with entirely new capitalization and management structures brought in by either friendly or hostile financing and legislative forces.

… and the list goes on.

However, the thing all these situations have in common is the fundamental need for a change in thinking that will eventually lead to new modes of execution, new methodologies to organize that change and the ongoing need to keep all stakeholders informed and aware.

Change Is Never Easy To Manage

In today’s world of business, there is no such thing as a genuinely stable business environment.

Competitive pressures are everywhere and getting stronger. Technology has become a two-edged sword. New technologies that make businesses more efficient also have the ability to topple entire industries.

It has become extremely clear to us that lagging behind the technology curve not only puts a business at a competitive disadvantage, it can also create dysfunction within, especially with those companies who have a conservative attitude toward change. We counsel that no company can afford to have uber-conservatives on their teams.

The customer situation is also rapidly and constantly changing because the customer is offered easy access to a wider range of products and services. It is vital that forward-thinking businesses stay up-to-speed with not just what people are buying, but how they are actually going about it.

Change Within Can Often Start From Without

Professionals outside of your organization who can analyze, recommend, support and facilitate your vision do not have the same encumbrances as the people inside your business who seldom challenge their leaders.

These professionals will, in fact, challenge you, push you and argue with you and this can be a much more efficient acid test for your ideas.

With their experience and abilities, they will hone in on the challenges that your business is facing. And through their skills, insights and objectivity, they can help you move forward in a way that will ensure, insofar as that is possible, your success.

Change Is The Only Constant

The world is moving fast. New products are being created daily. New alliances are being formed to strengthen already strong businesses. As a matter of fact, we all have a great deal of business knowledge, a great many business systems and a massive arsenal of tools to help us find our way through the complex maze of business today.

While this does prepare us for much of what might lie ahead, it also comes with a huge potential to complicate our business, disrupt our systems and make it more difficult for our people to do what we hired them to do in the first place.

In other words, there is much more to keep on top of these days. More than there ever has been before.

The Bullet Proof Mantra

One simple fact of life in business is this. NOBODY can do it alone. Every business intent on surviving, growing and thriving needs a trusted and objective professional ally in their back pocket.

Because keeping sane, keeping focused on what is really important and doing all this objectively, professionally and, ultimately, successfully is the key to the future for most businesses.

So as part of our mission and belief system, we have boiled it all down to three essential objectives that we want to help our client companies achieve:

  1. Enable our clients to get to know and love their customers in order to take better care of them and gain their trust and loyalty.
  2. Show our clients how to work with simple, effective systems to make their businesses run more smoothly, effectively, and profitably.
  3. Encourage our clients to give back, to their employees and their community, in order to be seen as a great place to work and a great company to do business with.

We have come to this realization the hard way … through years of observation, successes and yes, even the odd failure.

What we know is this. The world is changing. Business is changing. Customers are changing. Companies who change their thinking to anticipate and stay ahead of these changes today will be the success stories of tomorrow. We want to stand with those who crave success. Call us.

A Parting Thought

“No problem can be solved until it is reduced to some simple form. The changing of a vague difficulty into a specific, concrete form is a very essential element in thinking.” J. P. Morgan