About Us

The principals of Bullet Proof, Charlene Norman & Jim Murray, are both veterans of the GTA business community.  Both have proven track records of success in strategy, business development, business analytics and operations, marketing and communications.

Our services can be customized to suit any size business, and our thinking can be adapted to any size requirements within those businesses. We offer the kind of advisory relationship that helps owners and managers like you change their thinking for the better and stay ahead of the surprises that are waiting right around the next corner.

Working together, with as needed assistance from an excellent network of local secondary suppliers, we can be a valuable go-to resource for your business.

Charlene Norman

Charlene is a former senior business executive with extensive experience across a wide range of national, international, public and private business.

She has led the acquisition of 60 companies & the disposition of 10. She has changed the culture of 5 companies, saved 20, and has even taken one through the bankruptcy process, providing her with a 360˚ business view.

Charlene has a gift for spotting profit opportunities for business in any number of ways. And her experience & reputation in the GTA business community provides ample proof.

She released her first book entitled “Bullet Proof Your StartUp”, with the objective of helping small businesses and is nearing completion of her second book, “Strive and Thrive thru the Next Decade” for established companies of all sizes.

Jim Murray

Jim is a former Toronto ad agency writer and creative director turned marketing & communications analyst and consultant.

Jim has a thorough working knowledge of communication strategy development and the ability to execute in all on & off-line media as a writer, art director & producer.

With more than 20 years in the agency world and another two decades as an independent, working with a great many entrepreneurial and corporate businesses, Jim has developed a complete view of marketing & communications in both the consumer and business to business sectors.

Jim’s experience is as wide as it is deep, and though his blogging on beBee.com where he is a brand ambassador and in Business Link Niagara, where he is a contributing writer, he shares a great many of the communications insights he has developed over the years.