Why Us

Your Chief Innovator

A Mentor?  For You?  Say What?

I got into this business to pass along my knowledge about building successful businesses to entrepreneurs and business owners.  Apparently, two of my best qualities are an ever-flowing pool of innovative ideas and an unshakeable belief in the greater good of my clients. 

Many years ago, I learned the hard way – the best way really, that Business is Personal and EVERYTHING starts and ends with people.  Business is NOT numbers, data, trends and KPIs.  Business is Personal.  First.  Business is Joyful People.  First.  And when I finally got the people piece right, success simply flowed and flowed.  Ultimately, I became the leader who successfully rode the tough grinds many times and could see many different ways thru the maze.

All my career, I was a respected and trusted mentor and trusted ally to senior vice presidents and presidents.  Leaders in their marketplace and in their industries.  I was the someone they went to in order to confide in and bounce ideas off. 

Today, I speak a much different language  — a cross between the old fashioned and the cutting edge.  I am unafraid to call out crap when I see it.  And I always have the backs of my clients.  I want to share all my knowledge, mistakes and successes, failures and shortcuts with those who are discerning.  Is that you? 

You are looking for innovative advice, guidance and counsel that helps you ‘change your thinking for the better’.  And get the MORE you want from your business.  More customers, more market share, more ROI, more cash flow, more margin, more profit, more motivation and engagement, more free time, more confidence. 

You define the MORE.  I’ll get you there and make it about a relationship that ensures you stay ahead of the surprises waiting right around the next corner. 

My Credibility

My claim to fame is I eat, sleep, dream, write, talk and present all kinds of ways to make a profit.  It has been hardwired into my DNA since I was very young.  

Now, after more than 35 years, I have led 60 acquisitions, 10 dispositions, 30 profit improvements,  5 culture changes and even 1 bankruptcy.  I have international, national, public, private, franchise and nonprofit experience. I even created and brought my own product line to market in less than nine months –with no contacts, before social media AND I beat the big guys by three years. Besides having a 360-degree view of the business world, I am a CPA with an MBA in Marketing.  I have given up counting the number of millionaires I have made.  Oh, and my nickname is The Profit Princess.

I can whisper in your ear.  Or work one on one with you and/or your teams.  My objective is to help you tinker and upgrade your culture to the same level or higher that I personally have achieved.  Because that is where extraordinary success lies.

I understand that your MORE is vital to YOUR success.  So, I do everything in my power to get it for you and with you. That is my promise. 

Wanna chat? Click here and let’s see about making it happen for you.

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