Random Acts of Business Kindness 2019

Y’know all those random acts of kindness days over the last decade in which people buy people coffee or groceries or just do special things? Well one of us had an epiphany about businesses helping businesses. By sharing real honest to goodness useful information that will help the other’s business. A no strings attached, here is something we share with our own customers. We hope it is useful for you too kind of thing.

Strange eh? But here’s the thing. All businesses are filled with people.

We know Business IS Personal. So maybe we can convince other successful businesses to join us and make 2019 the start of something really cool.

We intend on sharing one thing — one business kindness — once a month. It will be like stepping inside one of our workshops or keynotes or meetings and getting all the take away points permanently. So while we won’t necessarily be specific to YOUR circumstances, we will share the exact same philosophies and insights and market observations. We share it all in the hopes that you will use it like our clients have and get the MORE you want.

We ask one thing. Join us in sharing the Random Acts of Business Kindness.

Within your circle of influence, you have two options. Develop your own twelve acts and share. OR simply forward these ones with a cover note.

Imagine how much impact we can make if we each pass along once a month huge business tip which will help others. Imagine the impact we can make when we focus on the person behind the business. Instead of the business behind the person! Just Imagine.

We wish you an impactful 2019. To your success!

August:  The Hawaiian Ho’oponopono Healing Technique Prayer for calming your overstressed mind.  

July:   Something different.   An article about working with Millenials from the World Economic Forum.  It contains truths for ALL generations.  Hint:  Humility!

June:  The key to successful planning in uncertain times  — a 30 minute super cool video with a worksheet  

May: A special Random Acts of Kindness May grid pdf file to aid in your decision-making process.

April:   An eighty-minute podcast released over the Easter weekend with Stacking Wisdom featuring Charlene and discussing several topics including results and mindset