The P-5 System

Businesses can often suffer from complexities that need to be simplified, systems that become overburdened and people who are perhaps juggling too many balls.

When this happens, any gap or disruption can create a domino effect which can adversely affect operations, attitudes, efficiencies and ultimately productivity and profitability.

At Bullet Proof, we have seen and been involved with the course correction and the restructuring of many different types of disruptions. And what we have learned from this we have put into the design of a sane, logical, people-focused approach to the correction and ongoing management of quickly growing or out of sync, over-stressed, dysfunctional business operations.

Our system, called P-5, can be adapted to a wide range of specific problematic business situations, creating a simplified, painless go-forward approach.

The P-5 System takes into account the principal touch points of your business:
– People + Process + Passion + Purpose + Profit –

And through a fully customized meeting and reporting system, it can ensure that any course corrections can be implemented and managed easily and successfully over time in a way that provides genuine transparency, excellent motivation, true empowerment and a level playing field.

Across your entire organization.