The P-5 System

Businesses can often suffer from complexities that need to be simplified, systems that become overburdened and people who are perhaps juggling too many balls.  Any gap or disruption can create a domino effect which can adversely affect operations, attitudes, efficiencies and ultimately productivity and profitability.

We have been involved with so many startups, mid-operation course corrections and mature restructurings that sometimes we worry we now take disruptions as simply normal events and occurrences.  Yet, they don’t have to be.  The best lesson we ever learned is that having a sane, logical, people-focused approach in any startup or quickly growing or out of sync, over-stressed, dysfunctional business operations is the BEST commonsensical solution. Hands down, it will always save the day.  

We developed a simple system as a way to audit and analyse any operation we engage with it.  It is called the P-5 System. 

It can be adapted to a wide range of specific business situations.  From startups that need some direction to regular operations that need an extra push in a specific area to problematic businesses frustrated and facing potential failure. 

The beauty of the P-5 System is it creates a simplified, painless go-forward approach for pretty much any kind of business.

The P-5 System takes into account the principal touch points of your business:
– People + Process + Passion + Purpose + Profit –

It starts with a meeting or two or three, explores the areas you believe need bolstering, examines your current ideas and tactics and measurements,  and then tackles, at your direction the objectives and course corrections desired. 

The P-5 System can easily be implemented – even on a piecemeal basis – because the ultimate objective is to make the course corrections easy, adaptable and manageable. 

Because having everyone on your team buy into your dreams comes from genuine transparency, outstanding motivation and engagement, true empowerment and solid leadership. 

Only then, your productivity and profitability soar and you know you are on your way to making a maximum IMPACT.