Do You Have Your Post-Covid Success Plan?

Change your thinking for the better

A Post-Covid Success Plan?  Why is that important when the quarantine has not yet been lifted?  Because you want to be part of the 5% in the world that will be part of the winner’s club!   

I work with amazing business owners and senior leaders, just like you. Today, the elephant in the room is the frustration of NOT knowing when this COVID crisis will settle down and whether your business and team will be still standing strong with you. Right now, you are putting up a brave front, racking your brain for ideas, worrying and working long hours, trying to do everything in your power and yet …. you likely do not have a success plan for when life gets back to the new normal.

There is a piece of you that knows what you are doing today will likely not be enough. You know, deep down, the world, as we knew it, will never be the same. EVER. There will be new rules. And you have enough experience to know those who make the new rules will win. They will be still standing strong. And privately, you would like to be one of them.

Peace of Mind is in Short Supply Right Now

Yet, imagine YOUR peace of mind if you could know you ARE taking the right steps, focussing on the right things and moving as purposefully as you can into the new realities.

• What if you could see, feel and know six months ahead? Even twelve months more?
• How about if you had clients begging for your products and services?
•And your team of ordinary people?  What if it was continuing to deliver extraordinary results consistently?
• How would it feel to know you were on your way to even more success?

You have all kinds of accomplishments and experience under your belt, you have invested in yourself and your team, and you have been on a mission. Suddenly, overnight the rules changed. And right now, you are feeling a bit vulnerable and shaky.

Let’s get your mojo back to something close to normal and set you up with a Post-Covid Success Plan. 

Consider these statements

• What you sell is not primarily intellectual capital,
• Your team is between 10 and 2000 people,
• There is a real concern you might not be prepared for the new world post-COVID, and,
• No matter what, you are determined to push thru in a smart fashion

If you agree with these statements, you owe it to yourself to develop a Post-Covid Success Plan.  I call it  Still Standing Strong.  Let me guide you.

In order to accommodate budgets and circumstances, I have designed three distinct levels.

Bronze Level

    • Understand better your business’ singular best strength and biggest weakness today
    • Determine how the trends in the market impact your strengths and weakness
    • Keep, for your own use and reference, a stockpile of ideas and suggestions to help you dig out new ideas for more immediate cash flow, more community exposure, more customer loyalty and highly engaged employees
    • Walk away with a simple to execute road map for still standing strong

Invest just $500US for a two-hour power-packed session. Interested?  Book your time here.

Silver Level

    • Start with an understanding of where your business was, is today and where you’d like it to be eventually.
    • Explore its strengths and weaknesses in a comprehensive fashion
    • Understand how the trends in the market impact your strengths and weaknesses and brainstorm some easier to implement ideas
    • Keep, for your own use, a stockpile of ideas and suggestions to help dig out new ideas for more immediate cash flow, more community exposure, attracting more customer loyalty and having engaged employees
    • Review, discuss and keep ten specific business-changing questions to help you get started on a better path for tomorrow
    • Choose a particular area in your business to focus on
    • Develop a plan for bolstering that specific and critical area and fashion a roadmap to achieve it
    • Followed by five separate sessions to help you guide your actions and decisions toward the outcome you desire
    • Walk away with a roadmap that gives you comfort to navigate forward 

Your investment is only $2,750US payable in two instalments. Interested?  Book your time here.

Gold Level 

    • Are you part of the 5% who wants to be part of the winners leading the pack?
    • Let’s establish where on the success continuum your business currently sits
    • Then we will examine your biggest strengths and weaknesses to prioritize specific actions which will yield the highest ROI for you
    • We’ll examine the marketplace trends, and stack those up against your strengths and weaknesses and devise a way to move forward
    • Keep the pdf of a stockpile of ideas and suggestions to help you dig out new ideas for more immediate cash flow, finding more community exposure, attracting more customer loyalty and having engaged employees.
    • Review, discuss and keep the ten specific business-changing questions to help you get started on a better path for tomorrow.
    • Choose the top three areas in your business to focus in on. And we’ll look at the many different areas that you can easily cover to ensure a solid foundation. We’ll map out the best way forward and develop a roadmap to follow.
    • During up to sixteen meetings (you choose whether you want three or four times a month, one or two hour sessions) we’ll discuss the problems, challenges, new opportunities and progress that are popping up along the way. Plus you will receive additional tools as the need arises.
    • I will ensure you stay focussed on executing your plan to still standing strong.
    • You walk away confident, having a developed Post-Covid Success Plan, knowing it is in the beginning stages of implementation in your organization and clearly focussed on the options that are yours.

Your investment is $8,500US payable in 4 instalments. Interested?  Book your time here

This Post-Covid Success Plan 

Is a one of a kind experience. It is not a strategy plan, nor an operating plan.  To the best of my knowledge, nothing else like it exists.  Your Success Plan is unique to you.  I promise leading thru this crisis will feel more comfortable for you, be empowering for your team and will give you a strong foundation from which to grow.

Who am I and how can I make these claims?

I have been making and delivering on Success Plans all my life. Some call me the Profit Princess. Others ‘Mikey’ because I have never met a problem that could not be weathered. Having led companies from $10 million to $75 million, divisions of up to $750 million and managed teams of people across three continents, I know a little about success. I have helped start-ups, scale-ups, dispositions and even bankruptcy. My favourite industries are manufacturing and service.

Plus I have first-hand experience surviving crises — wars, recessions, hyperinflationary economies, and SARs as well as product lines tanking, fire marshalls calling for closing the business, scrambling for insurance coverage as the insurers exited markets, and even paddling when there was no money lfet on the credit line. 

I learned two big lessons.  There are always options. Especially when times seem the bleakest. And never bet on the status quo for innovation.

Call me your mentor, your trusted ally or even your secret weapon. You get nothing theoretical; only what is proven and real. That’s me.

Are you interested in having your own Post-Covid Success Plan? Still standing strong in your future? Reach out or book here for the session that feels right to you. Then let’s get started.  Your future, your success and your IMPACT in this new world awaits.