Why Us

Before we get into the usual stuff, you should know that Charlene designed, developed and released the Random Acts of Business Kindness 2019 Project. 

This is way more exciting than anything else we can share with you.  As far as we can tell, this Random Act of Business Kindness hasn’t been done before!  So please.  Click on the link above, read the details and consider joining with us to make a huge IMPACT in 2019.

Now back to the Usual.  The Why Us kinda bumpf you expect.

We are the real peeps behind Bullet Proof.  Charlene Norman & Jim Murray.  We are both veterans of the GTA business community, met in Niagara and saw that we were stronger together.  Bullet Proof Consulting was born.  We come armed with solid track records of success in strategy, business and leadership development, analytics and operations, marketing and communications. 

We offer the kind of advice, guidance and counsel that helps owners and managers like you change your thinking for the better.  And get the MORE you want from your business.  More customers, more market share, more ROI, more cash flow, more margin, more profit, more motivation and engagement, more free time, more confidence.  You define the MORE.  We get you there and make it about a relationship that ensures you stay ahead of the surprises waiting right around the next corner.  

Our services can be customized to suit any size business.  We will work with your teams and your networks.  Or with an excellent network of local suppliers.  And even pull in national suppliers as needed.  We take pride in being a valuable go-to resource. Because we know your MORE is vital to your success.

Charlene Norman



Charlene is a former senior business executive with extensive experience across a wide range of national, international, public and private business.

She has led the acquisition of 60 companies & the disposition of 10. She has changed the culture of 5 companies, saved 20, and has even taken one through the bankruptcy process, providing her with a 360˚ business view.

Charlene has had a gift for spotting profit opportunities for business since she was a teenager.  Her experience & reputation in the GTA business community earned her the nickname The Profit Princess.


Jim Murray



Jim is a former Toronto ad agency writer and creative director turned marketing & communications analyst and consultant. 

With more than 20 years in the agency world and another two decades as an independent, working with a great many entrepreneurial and corporate businesses, Jim has a wide and deep experience base in the entire creative space. 

As a result, his ability to see infinite creative sides and solutions to nearly any problem is without question, unmatched.

Jim has begun his blissful semi-retirement.  Fortunately for the right client, he can still be persuaded to help solve their issues.